How to use a Strop

Is It Hard To Use?

Strops are frequently used with abrasive compounds, the very fine abrasives that give a mirror polish to the edge. If you choose to use a compound, start by applying it to the surface of the strop. A little bit of compound tends to go a long way, so there’s no need to go overboard.


The Process

Hold the blade bevel against the surface of the strop with light pressure and move the blade away from the cutting edge. Flip the blade over and do the same on the other side. The process is the same on any stropping medium like Balsa and Nano cloth, with or without a honing compound.


Final Tips

Avoid moving the blade toward the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop surface, resulting in dulling of the edge and cutting into the strop. A few strokes is usually enough to bring the edge back. A strop is best used prior to the edge becoming dull. Used consistently, it is a key step in maintaining a razor sharp edge.

Do I need Stropping Compound?