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Wolff Industries are the leading provider of sharpening equipment for scissors and shears, offering their famous sharpening systems: Twice As Sharp, Ookami Gold, Hira-To and Corru-Gator.

Zanvak Are The Leading Provider Of Wolff Industries Sharpening Systems And Accessories In Australia and New Zealand

Wolff Industries are the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and professional scissor sharpeners. They specialize in providing high quality stainless steel scissors, developing cutting solutions, and pushing the scissors and sharpening industry forward. They are your scissor and sharpening experts.

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Who Are Wolff:

Wolff Industries, Inc. first began as a family run business in 1983 and has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and professional scissors sharpeners. Specializing in developing cutting solutions, equipping the mobile and professional sharpener, and providing proper tools for industrial applications, Wolff Industries, Inc. continues to push the scissors and sharpening industry forward.

In 2012 Wolff Industries, Inc. purchased Vogel Brothers Corporation, a family run cutlery business, with a history dating back to 1690. This lead them to the creation of Wolff Indiana, LLC. They continue this long heritage of scissors manufacturing with their Wolff® Ergonomix® industrial shears, making them the last American made manufacturer of plastic handle, stamped scissors.

What Makes Wolff Different:

Innovation and reliability are top priorities for their engineers as they develop new processes for sharpening blades and the utilization of scientific automaton robotics technologies to sharpen tools more consistently and effectively.

Who Wolff Serve:

Wolff customers provide services in a wide range of industries including: automotive, aeronautical, textiles, food production and processing industries as well as hair stylists, pet groomers, the professional sharpener and many more.


You can trust their products, support and delivery. They 100% hone and hand test every pair of scissors for optimum sharpness and success and their staff consists of seasoned sharpening technicians and reliable trained professionals.

We Are the Experts:

Their family has owned and operated Wolff Industries, Inc. for 35 years. Leading the forefront of the sharpening industry with son-in-law Ryan Miller as President of Wolff Industries, In. and son Andrew Wolff as President of Wolff Indiana, LLC, they are poised for the next generation of family to push them forward.

Wolff Industries, Inc. is committed to unparalleled customer service, technical support, and forward-thinking innovation. Our lasting commitment to you and the industry makes us your best choice for your scissors and sharpening needs.

Zanvak are proud to be the sole distributors for Wolff Industries range of products across Australia and New Zealand, bringing the Wolff Industries premium customer support and knowledge with them.

A Brief History:

Lee Wolff starts Wolff's Sewing Centre
Lee Wolff starts Wolff's Sewing Centre in Marquette, MI, a sewing machine sales and service business.

The company begins expansion
Fabrics and a complete line of sewing needs are added and the number of employees grows to 25 to handle the volume.

First plastic handled scissors in the United States
Lee and Mary Wolff become the first major importer and distributor of plastic handled scissors in the United States.

KNIP Scissors is born
The Wolff's start manufacturing sewing scissors with Marquette Manufacturing under the trade name KNIP and a U.S. patent is granted.

The factory is sold
The Marquette Manufacturing scissors factory is sold to American Scissors Corporation and moved to Spartanburg, SC. The Wolff's move with the company and continue to produce scissors.

Lee's design is highly rated
Consumer Reports rates the American Scissors designed and produced by Lee Wolff as a best buy.

Wolff Industries, Inc. is born
Lee spent many years perfecting scissors sharpening equipment starts Wolff Industries, Inc. with a U.S. patent on the Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener.

Sharpening for the beauty industry
The Ookami Gold® trademark is established and the sharpener is geared towards the barber, beauty, and grooming industries.

The term Ergonomix® is trademarked
Wolff trademarks the brand Ergonomix® as a definition for scissors that are ergonomically correct by placing the operator's hand in proper alignment

Beginning the relationship with KAI Corporation from Japan
Wolff Industries, Inc. becomes a distributor for KAI scissors and KAI develops the green handled 5000 series specifically for Wolff. Today we are the world's largest distributor of KAI scissors.

Continuing with the next generation
Lee Wolff passed away in 1996 at the age of 66 and his son, David Wolff, becomes President of Wolff Industries, Inc.

Wolff Industries, Inc. moves into its current location
The company expands and moves to its current location in Spartanburg, SC

The Twice as Sharp® gets an upgrade
The Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener receives an update to the Teal model that becomes the industry standard scissors sharpener

The birth of an icon
A U.S. patent is issued for the Wolff® U.S. made scissors handle. These scissors are manufactured by Vogel Brothers Corporation in Indiana and they join the Wolff® Ergonomix® line of shears. Vogel Brothers Corporation has a rich history as a cutlery business dating back to 1690.

Kershaw Knives
Wolff Industries, Inc. becomes a distributor for Kershaw® knives.

Rotary Blade Sharpener
The abilities of the Twice as Sharp® expands with the introduction of the Rotary Blade Sharpener. This allows the Twice as Sharp® to sharpen not only scissors but also round blades.

Wolff expands its line of scissors sharpeners
The Hira-to, meaning Wolf in Japanese, a flat hone scissors sharpener, becomes the first flat hone scissors sharpener to be released by Wolff Industries, Inc.

It has teeth!
The Corru-Gator comes to the market as the first portable machine utilizing a patented diamond cut wheel to add corrugations to scissor blades.

Twice as nice
The SMS-1015X Double Blade knife for poultry processing hits the market reducing the motion required to cut tenders.

Wolff Indiana, LLC is born
Wolff Industries, Inc. purchases Vogel Brother Corporation and establishes Wolff Indiana, LLC to continue the scissors manufacturing heritage. Wolff Indiana, LLC is the last plastic handled, stamped scissors manufacturer in the United States. David Vogel stays with the company and takes up position as VP of Research and Development.

A Fly Fishing Scissors Company
Wolff Indiana, LLC also begins manufacturing and distributing the Atlas® and Apex® fly fishing vices.

Certifying Sharpness
The first production model of the Wolff® Scissors Tester for food processing is released. This machine can determine how sharp a pair of scissors is and give a relating score.

High-end barber and beauty shears
The brand name Ookami® is trademarked and a new line of beauty shears are added to the catalogue.

Wolff's first knife sharpener
The MagShap® handheld knife sharpener is released, utilizing reverse polarity technology

Awards and new fishing products
The Scissors Tester is recognized in the Ergo Cup Competition and the InnoVision awards, and Wolff Indiana, LLC releases the Versa Clamp for the fly fishing industry.

Continued Growth and Prosperity
David Wolff becomes CEO and his son-in-law, Ryan Miller, is named President of Wolff Industries, Inc.

Twice as Sharp® upgrades again!
The Twice as Sharp® receives another model update to the current Red motor with riser block and dust collection ports and the DC-1000 dust collector is released.

Scissors in Space!
Our scissors are launched to space by Orbital ATK, Inc. to be used on the International Space Station.

The product catalogue grows
Wolff Industries, Inc. becomes an official Shapton® distributor. John A Eberly, Inc. established in 1912 suspends operations and turns customer support over to Wolff Industries, Inc.

Keeping it in the family
David's son, Andrew Wolff, is named President of Wolff Indiana, LLC.

Scientific automation technologies in robotics
Wolff Industries, Inc. receives a patent for their robotic CNC knife sharpener.

Metal Detectable Plastic Handles
Wolff Industries, Inc. introduces Ergo-Trace Processing Shears, the first industrial-grade, food-safe shear with metal detectable plastic handles. This will help reduce foriegn material issues in food processing plants.


Wolff Industries Twice As Sharp:

The Wolff Industries, Inc. “Standard” Twice as Sharp® is designed to make sharpening your home and sewing scissors and shears fast, easy, and precise. Their system comes equipped with a 100 grit sharpening wheel so you can sharpen your shear quickly, and a buffing wheel to clean up your edge.

This machine is designed for home use, but is also an excellent option for sewing service centres and hardware stores that would like to offer sharpening to their customers.

The “Standard” Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpening system comes fitted with an arm and clamp assembly that can be set to match all possible angles on any sewing or household scissors up to 14 inches in length. This will allow you to confidently sharpen any shear to the exact angle best suited to your application.


How to Sharpen a Pair of Scissors on the Twice as Sharp® Sharpening System
This is a quick overview of how to sharpen a pair of your scissors on the Twice as Sharp® Scissors Sharpening System by Wolff Industries, Inc. This process consists of:

  • Sharpening both blades on the sharpening stone
  • De-burring
  • Honing one blade
  • De-burr
  • Hone the other blade
  • De-burr
  • We developed this method because it is teachable and repeatable. This sharpening method results in consistently sharp blades and is used in industrial and manufacturing facilities across the globe.

Step 1: Sharpening Scissors

To sharpen a pair of scissors, slide the blade across the LEFT wheel slowly with a light pressure against the wheel. Keep the “elbow” joint of the controlling arm pointed in towards the machine and slide blade from pivot to tip.

If the machine slows down, use less pressure. Release pressure from wheel when tip reaches centre of wheel. Repeat until a burr can be felt along the entire length of the blade.

This burr, on the inside of the blade, shows that this step has been completed. You feel the burr by sliding your finger towards the cutting edge. A curved cutting edge is sharpened by keeping the edge parallel to the grinding wheel.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1
Release the scissors by loosening large black knob. Turn scissors over and repeat step 1 unless the other blade has serrations you don’t wish to grind off. Serrations are useful on kitchen, poultry, thinning shears, and a few barber shears.

Shears can be serrated with the Wolff Industries, Inc. Corru-Gator system after sharpening.

Step 3: Deburring
Both sides have now been sharpened and have burrs on them which require careful removal to prevent damage to the cutting edges. On the first two closings, the blades MUST be pushed apart while closing as seen in the picture on the right.

If the burrs cut into each other, the cutting edge will be damaged. Press the blades together firmly while opening the scissors to pull the burrs back from the cutting edge as seen in the image below.

EXCEPTION: To deburr cast iron shears, cut through paper, (do not spread blades apart). All sharpening creates burrs, but with proper handling, scissors can be made twice as sharp as most brand new scissors. IMPORTANT DO NOT LET BLADES TOUCH EACH OTHER DURING THE FIRST TWO CLOSINGS.

Step 4: Honing

Clamp scissors again as you did to sharpen, then lift clamp out of the bearing hole and turn clamp upside down. Swing the top arm to the right to hone on the right hand wheel.

Slide the blade back and forth against the right wheel with firm pressure several times. On your final pass across the wheel, slide from pivot to tip stopping when the tip is in the centre of the wheel. Repeat several times until a light honing burr is created.


It is normal to hone one blade to prevent slide. However on pinking shears, grooming shears, and shears used to slide cut; both blades are honed. If scissors do not cut properly, repeat the honing step. Remember if you are honing both blades you must close the shear and cut off your burr after each blade honed.

Wolff Brands Include:
Twice as Sharp®
Ookami Gold®
Thomas Wilkinson & Son®