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Manufactured in Japan, the broad range of Shapton Stones allows the user to select stones suitable to each blade’s composition and shape resulting in long-lasting sharpening results using popular products like the Shapton Glass Stones, Kuromaku Professional and the new RockStar range. The Shapton Whetstone range is quite extensive with a range of Shapton Glass Stones and lapping products available for purchase.

Zanvak is the leading source for Shapton Stones in Australia.

Discover the exceptional quality and performance of Shapton Knife Sharpening Whetstones, available at our store. Shapton is a renowned brand that has been producing high-quality sharpening stones for over 50 years, earning a reputation for excellence in the industry.

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Our collection of Shapton Whetstones includes the popular Glass Stones and Kuromaku Professional Stones, offering a wide range of grit options to suit your sharpening needs. These stones are known for their durability, longevity, and exceptional sharpening capabilities, making them a favorite among professional sharpeners and enthusiasts alike.

The Shapton Glass Stones are crafted using a unique composition of abrasives, binders, and composite materials, ensuring durability and consistent performance. The tempered glass base prevents warping and provides stability during sharpening. What sets the Glass Stones apart is their ready-to-use nature – they do not require extended soaking. Simply splash cold water on the stone, and you're ready to sharpen.

The Shapton Kuromaku Professional Stones feature a distinctive color coding system that identifies the grit of each stone, ranging from extra coarse to super fine. This allows you to select the appropriate stone for your sharpening process, whether you're starting with a coarser stone to remove material or finishing with a finer stone for a polished edge.

Introducing the RockStar Range:

Experience the pinnacle of sharpening with our new RockStar range. These sharpening stones contain the distilled essence of Shapton's expertise, offering powerful sharpening capabilities to handle even the toughest blades. Achieve a delicate, uniform finish that elevates your tools' performance. The RockStar stones are quick to use – no need for soaking – and are built for outstanding durability to maintain a top-notch surface for consistent results.

Our RockStar range is available in various grit sizes to meet your specific sharpening needs. Whether you're a professional sharpener or an enthusiast, you'll appreciate the precision and power that the RockStar sharpening stones bring to your sharpening experience.

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Shapton Whetstones and RockStar stones, it is important to follow a few key tips. Avoid using hot water or detergents when cleaning the stones, store them at room temperature away from sunlight, and refrain from using sandpaper to flatten the stones.