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Niroc Tungsten Carbide Hammers: Crafting Precision, Shaping Excellence

Elevate your craft with Niroc's Tungsten Carbide Hammers, the brainchild of Corin Urquhart. A master in blade making, Corin's journey led him to create these hammers as a solution for post-heat treat blade straightening.

Meticulously crafted with a brass body and abundant Tungsten Carbide, these hammers possess surprising heft, perfect for delicately correcting blade warpage.

The innovative carbide flat face not only excels in blade straightening but finds utility in tasks ranging from riveting pins to working with hardened tangs. Each hammer embodies Corin's dedication to excellence, shaping a legacy of precision craftsmanship.

Discover the tool that redefines possibilities and propels your craft to new heights – Niroc Tungsten Carbide Hammers.

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Elevate Your Craft with Niroc's Tungsten Carbide Hammers

At Niroc, craftsmanship is more than just a skill; it's a journey defined by innovation, precision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Corin Urquhart, the visionary behind Niroc, has masterfully combined his passion for blade making with an ingenious solution for post-heat treat blade straightening: Tungsten Carbide Hammers.

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Corin's journey began in 2002, crafting knives from blade blanks and later expanding his expertise to heat treating. But blade warpage posed a persistent challenge during the heat-treating process. Traditional methods for straightening blades often came with drawbacks like the risk of damage or extensive time investment. This all changed in 2019 when ABS Mastersmith Rodrigo Sfreddo unveiled a game-changing technique at the Australian Blade Symposium. This revelation marked the dawn of a new era in blade straightening.

Tungsten Carbide Hammers: A Marvel of Ingenuity

Inspired by Rodrigo's technique, Corin embarked on a mission to create the ultimate tool for blade straightening: Tungsten Carbide Hammers. Crafted with precision, these hammers feature a brass body, denser than steel, combined with an ample supply of Tungsten Carbide. This unique composition grants them surprising heft, providing the perfect balance of force and finesse required for blade straightening.

The crowning achievement lies in the carbide flat face, an innovation that redefines the hammer's versatility. Beyond blade straightening, the carbide flat face excels in tasks like riveting pins and working with hardened tangs. This remarkable tool transcends its initial purpose, gaining recognition from diverse craftsmen, including knifemakers, toolmakers, jewelry makers, watchmakers, woodworkers, and artisans of all trades.

Craftsmanship Redefined: Niroc's Legacy

Every Tungsten Carbide Hammer that bears the Niroc name is a testament to Corin's dedication to craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted and tested to meet the highest standards, each hammer embodies the legacy of a maker who strives for perfection. If you seek a custom tool for your unique challenges, especially custom tungsten carbide hammers, Corin eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate and shape a solution that meets your needs.

In the world of craftsmanship, innovation knows no bounds. With Niroc's Tungsten Carbide Hammers, experience the convergence of tradition, innovation, and passion, propelling your craft to new heights. Elevate your work and embrace the legacy of precision, brought to life by Niroc.