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Edge-On-Up Professional Edge Sharpness Tester

Discover the Power of Edge-On-Up: The Professional Edge Sharpness Tester. Easily measure the sharpness of any blade with the BESS Certified Edge-On-Up sharpness tester. With Edge-On-Up, you'll have the ability to gauge the sharpness of your blades before and after sharpening. Trusted by experts and enthusiasts, get accurate results every time.

Zanvak are the Australian Certified Distributors of Edge-On-Up BESS certified knife sharpness testers

Setting The Benchmark For Sharpness

Determining the sharpness of the blade can be done many ways, here are tests like cutting printer and news paper or shaving arm hair that are often used to demonstrate sharpness, and they are helpful to a certain point, but they lack the precision and consistency required to properly answer the question of sharpness.

How do we prove sharpness other than standard methods? We use a tester like the BESS certified PT50 Series Sharpness Tester from Edge On Up.

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