KME Sharpening System


The KME sharpening system is a compact and affordable sharpener that allows you to sharpen on the go.

The main body of the sharpener is made from machined wood and a main metal bent plate mounted to the top, a simple angle adjustment at the rear of the system allows you to set an angle that suits your blade.

KME Sharpener Body, Wood with steel frame

A main guide rod with stone holder is the moving component of the system while sharpening, it holds stones that are 4 inches long and 1 inch wide.

KME STONE holder for guide rod

At the front of the unit there is a standard set of aluminium jaws that hold the blade in place while sharpening, once one side of the blade is sharpened the knife flips over while still clamped in place, a bearing system holds the tension while sharpening and can be adjusted to the users preference.

KME Sharpener, Aluminium jaws and locking screw

At the base of the system is a hole with a nylon sleeve, this is for mounting the system to the upgradable wooden base so that you can sit the KME on when you don't want to be holding it.

KME Sharpener, mounting base and rod for wooden handle

The KME sharpener comes standard in two kit options, the R.P.S.H kit Repair Profile Shape Hone and the Diamond kit, the only difference between the two are the standard included stones.

Below shows the 4 standard stones in the R.P.S.H kit: 

  • KME Gold Series xx Coarse Diamond Hone - 100 Grit
  • Coarse Aluminium Oxide Ceramic - 120 Grit
  • Medium Aluminium Oxide Ceramic - 320 Grit
  • Fine Hard Arkansas Stone - 1000 Grit

KME Sharpener RPSH kit standard stone

 KME Diamond Stones kit:

  • KME Gold Series X-Coarse Hone - 140 Grit
  • KME Gold Series Coarse Hone - 300 Grit
  • KME Gold Series Fine Hone - 600 Grit
  • KME Gold Series Extra Fine Hone - 1500 Grit

KME Sharpener Diamond Stone Set

Included in the case is a Sharpie marker for finding the factory bevel using the "sharpie method" to identify the correct sharpening angle of the blade when starting to sharpen.

KME Sharpener free sharpie marker

The semi-professional knife sharpener comes inside a hard plastic case for storing all your equipment in,

is this the best knife sharpener for portability? It might be!

KME Sharpener Diamond and RPSH plastic cases

If you are looking for a compact sharpening unit that will handle most common knives then the KME may be one to consider, alternatively there are some systems at a similar price point that may also be of interest, like the Hapstone pro knife sharpener