Why the Wicked Edge WE320 is the Premier Sharpener for Any User

Are you tired of struggling to get a clean, precise edge on your knives? Look no further than the Wicked Edge WE320. Dubbed the "Generation 3 Pro Precision Sharpener," this tool is a must-have for anyone who sharpens a large volume of knives, runs a sharpening service, or simply wants the simplest setup and latest hardware.

One of the standout features of the WE320 is its one-step angle adjustment, which allows the user to change the sharpening angle on both sides of the knife simultaneously. This makes the process of sharpening a knife faster and easier than ever before. The angle range of 14 to 27 degrees means you can sharpen a wide assortment of knives, from everyday kitchen utensils to more specialized tools.

The WE320 also boasts a free-floating, Cam-Lock Vise Jaw design that allows for secure one-handed clamping of fully flat ground blades. The vise jaw even has a tension adjustment, so you can choose the appropriate tension for different thicknesses of knives. And with a maximum blade thickness of 3/16 inches, the WE320 can handle just about any knife you throw its way. (Jaws for 1/4-inch thick blades are available as an optional add-on.)

But the WE320 isn't just a great sharpener – it's also a fantastic workspace. The sharpener is mounted on a sturdy base that includes storage shelves for six of your most-used abrasive handles. Whether you're using it at home or in a professional setting, the WE320 provides a solid platform for all your sharpening needs. And when it's time to pack up and go, the sharpener comes with a hard, waterproof, shock-resistant case that can hold a variety of accessories.

In summary, the Wicked Edge WE320 is the premier sharpener for any user. Its ease of use, wide range of angles, and sturdy design make it the go-to choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their knives. So if you're ready to take your sharpening game to the next level, give the WE320 a try – you won't be disappointed.

  • The WE320 is made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting domestic manufacturing.

  • The sharpener includes four sets of diamond stones (coarse 100 grit, medium coarse 200 grit, medium fine 400 grit, fine 600 grit, extra fine 800 grit, and ultra fine 1000 grit) to handle all your sharpening needs.

  • The WE320 is compatible with a variety of additional items, including all Wicked Edge sharpening stones and strops, the low angle adapter, the scissor and chisel attachments, and the advanced alignment guide. It's even compatible with 10-inch and 12-inch guide rods and the depth key, which help ensure precise, consistent results every time.

  • The WE320 is not compatible with a few items, such as the vise key, the granite and aluminum bases, and the hardware upgrade kits. (Note that the WE320 comes with fully upgraded hardware, so upgrade kits aren't necessary.)

  • The WE320 can sharpen blades up to 15 inches long and has an angle range of 13.5 to 27.5 degrees (27 to 55 degrees inclusive). The main angle adjustment is in 0.50-degree increments, while the micro-angle adjustment is in 0.05-degree increments.

  • The WE320's angle markings are calibrated for a knife's edge at 5/8 inches over the top of the vise. The minimum knife height for the stones to clear the vise at the lowest angle is also 5/8 inches over the top of the vise. (For smaller knives, you'll need to use the low angle adapter, which is sold separately.)

  • The WE320 has a maximum clamping width of 3/16 inches, and an attachment for 1/4-inch blades is available.

  • The WE320's guide rod length is 8 inches, and the case has inside dimensions of 18.25 inches x 13 inches x 6.5 inches and outside dimensions of 19.75 inches x 16 inches x 7.5 inches. The product weighs 12.5 kg.