Gunny Juice Poly Diamond Emulsion for stropping

Gunny Juice Is Changing Up The Sharpening Industry.


What Is it? 

They are an advance in polycrystalline diamond emulsions. Made with a deionization proprietary process that deionizes the diamonds. This prevents agglomeration and allows me to guarantee that they’re agglomerate free below 1 micron. Above that it’s a non issue. Agglomeration is where the diamonds clump together forming a larger abrasive particle than the micron size listed.


How Does It Work?

By deionizing the diamonds they act in a similar fashion to magnets when you face the same poles together. They push away and will not stick together. This ensures that the diamonds do not cause stray scratches as you go through the progression. Gunny Juice also has the tightest particle size specifications on the market. This stropping compound takes your edges to that next level of sharpness and the polish is second to none.


Why You Need It

This is the next step in the evolution of stropping compounds. Whether hand stropping or power stropping Gunny Juice works faster than anything on the market today. We are raising the bar. We’re also working on new innovative products that can change the future of edge performance.