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As a leading manufacturer of high-quality sharpening systems and accessories, Jende Industries offers a diverse collection of accessories designed to enhance your sharpening experience.

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Our range of accessories includes essential tools such as strops, diamond sprays, lapping films, sharpening stones, and more. Each accessory is crafted from top-grade materials, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting performance. We understand the importance of investing in accessories that can withstand the demands of frequent use and deliver consistent results.

Strops are a popular accessory for maintaining the sharpness of your blades. Our strops are carefully designed to provide a smooth and effective surface for honing the edges of your knives. They are available in different materials and sizes to suit your preferences and specific sharpening needs.

Diamond sprays offer a convenient and efficient way to apply diamond abrasives to your sharpening tools. They provide a precise and controlled application, allowing you to achieve a fine edge with ease. Our diamond sprays come in various grit sizes, enabling you to customize the sharpening process to your desired level of sharpness.

Lapping films are ideal for achieving a polished and refined edge on your blades. They are available in different grits, providing a range of options for achieving the desired level of sharpness and smoothness. With our lapping films, you can achieve a razor-sharp edge and a mirror-like finish on your blades.

Sharpening stones are essential accessories for any sharpening system. Our collection of sharpening stones is meticulously selected to offer a variety of grit sizes, ensuring that you have the right stone for each stage of the sharpening process. They are designed to provide consistent and reliable results, making your sharpening tasks efficient and effective.

Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, our accessories are designed to help you achieve a razor-sharp edge on your knives and blades. Invest in Jende Industries accessories and elevate your sharpening experience to new levels of precision and excellence.


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