What Is Guided Sharpening?

Guided Knife Sharpening is a method of sharpening knives in which the user uses a guide or jig to help maintain a consistent angle while sharpening. This can make the sharpening process easier and more precise, especially for someone who is new to sharpening knives.

The guide will typically have a clamp that the knife can be inserted into and secured in place, then and angle adjustment is made to an exact position. A guided knife sharpener is a great tool for those who want precision and accuracy when sharpening their knives. One of the key benefits of using a guided sharpener is that it allows for very precise angle control, often with an accuracy of 0.10 of a degree.

This level of precision is difficult to achieve when freehand sharpening, and can make a significant difference in the sharpness and overall quality of the edge. Additionally, because the guide is doing the work of maintaining the angle for you, it can make the sharpening process less physically demanding and easier to control. This makes it an ideal option for people who want a professional edge on their knives but do not want to learn the technique of freehand sharpening.

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Wicked Edge USA

Wicked Edge sharpeners have a unique two-paddle design for efficient, precise sharpening. Clamping the knife upright with the bevel facing up simplifies the process. The design eliminates the need for manual flipping, sharpening both sides of the blade simultaneously. Wicked Edge sharpeners provide a consistent, accurate edge.

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Edge Pro USA

Edge Pro is the original guided sharpening brand, offering a simple yet effective solution for those who enjoy the art of sharpening. All of their products are manufactured in the USA and are built to last. The Edge Pro sharpening system comes with a range of high-quality stones that allow you to achieve incredible results on both their Edge Pro Apex sharpening kit and Edge Pro Professional model.

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Since 2012, the Hapstone knife sharpener system, also known as Hapstone Pro, has been produced in Ukraine. Its modular sharpening system sets it apart in the market, providing a unique feature. Hapstone offers a broad selection of stones suitable for sharpening any knife effortlessly. The R2, M3, V8, and various Hapstone accessories are among the well-known items in their modular sharpener collection.

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Jende Industries

Manufacturing since 2004, Jende Industries Australia boasts a large range of professional sharpening products to support all your knife sharpening system needs.

They are manufacturers of leather and nano cloth strops, poly diamond emulsions and sharpening stones suitable for guided sharpeners like Edge Pro, TSPROF, Wicked Edge, KME, JIGS and Hapstone.

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Experience the highest quality knife sharpening system straight from Russia. TSPROF offers the famous TSPROF K03 guided sharpener, TSPROF KADET and TSPROF Blitz models. Often voted as the best knife sharpening system by users.

TSPROF professional knife sharpeners are made with high accuracy and tight tolerances for precision sharpening, The range includes: TSPROF KO3, TSPROF KO3 Pro, TSPROF Kadet, Kadet Nero, Kadet Pro, TSPROF Blitz Pro and TSPROF Blitz 360.


KME Sharpeners

Manufactured in the USA, KME Sharpeners offer a versatile and robust sharpening system for precision knife and broadhead sharpening.

KME knife sharpeners now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The KME precision knife sharpener will add a fantastic edge to almost any knife.

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Blade Mates

Australian owned and made, Knifemate is a robust lightweight portable sharpening system that is perfect for household, commercial and recreational knives offering quick and precise sharpening.

The Knifemate sharpener is a compact and durable system that utilizes full sided whetstones.

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Designed in Western Australia, Eze sharp Blade Sharpener is designed for the commercial and recreational sharpener.

The Eze sharp knife sharpener will make all your blades sharp.

Designed to be used with full sized whetstones.

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Wolff Industries USA

Wolff Industries is a leading manufacturer of sharpening equipment and supplies for scissor sharpening, catering to professional sharpeners, barbers, stylists, and pet groomers. With over 50 years of experience, they offer a range of scissor sharpening machines, tools, and accessories that are designed to deliver precise, consistent, and efficient results. Their products are trusted by scissor sharpening professionals worldwide, making Wolff Industries a go-to destination for those seeking quality scissor sharpening solutions.

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Who is Free Hand Sharpening Good For?

  • Professionals who require precision and control in their sharpening process
  • Enthusiasts who prefer a hands-on approach to sharpening
  • Individuals who want to customize the angle, pressure, and technique for each specific tool being sharpened
  • Those seeking a cost-effective alternative to using sharpening systems or professional services
  • People who want to learn and develop sharpening skills as a hobby or for personal use
  • Those who sharpen a variety of tools and need the flexibility to adjust their sharpening technique accordingly
  • Individuals who value the tactile experience of sharpening and the satisfaction of achieving a sharp, precise edge
  • Woodworkers who want to maintain sharpness in their carving tools and chisels
  • Chefs and food enthusiasts who want to sharpen their kitchen knives for optimal performance
  • Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who need to maintain the sharpness of their knives for field work and processing game
  • Gardeners and landscapers who need to sharpen their pruning shears and other gardening tools for precision cutting
  • DIYers and hobbyists who want to sharpen their tools for home projects and repairs