Shapton Stones

Experience the exceptional sharpening performance of Shapton Stones, renowned for their superior quality and consistency. Our collection of Shapton Stones is designed to meet the needs of sharpening enthusiasts and professionals alike, delivering outstanding results every time.

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Crafted with precision and expertise, Shapton Stones are made from high-quality materials to ensure optimal sharpening performance. Whether you're sharpening kitchen knives, woodworking tools, or other blades, our stones provide the perfect surface for achieving a sharp and refined edge.

Shapton Stones are known for their exceptional flatness, ensuring consistent and precise sharpening across the entire surface of the stone. With a range of grit sizes available, you can choose the perfect stone to suit your specific sharpening requirements. From coarse stones for reshaping and repairing blades to finer stones for honing and polishing, Shapton offers a comprehensive selection to cater to every sharpening stage.

The durability and longevity of Shapton Stones make them a reliable choice for long-term use. Each stone is engineered to provide even wear and maintain its integrity over time, ensuring consistent and reliable sharpening results. With Shapton Stones, you can trust in their exceptional quality and performance to elevate your sharpening experience.

Whether you're a professional sharpener or an enthusiast, Shapton Stones offer the tools you need to achieve exceptional sharpness and cutting performance. Discover the difference that our high-quality stones can make in your sharpening routine.

Browse our collection of Shapton Stones today and experience the precision, quality, and excellence that come with Shapton's reputation. Elevate your sharpening skills and achieve razor-sharp edges with ease. Trust in Shapton for the ultimate sharpening experience.

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Shapton stones are widely regarded as high-quality sharpening stones, known for their exceptional performance and durability. While they may be relatively more expensive compared to some other sharpening stones on the market, many users find that Shapton stones are worth the investment.

Here are a few reasons why Shapton stones are often considered worth the money:

Outstanding Sharpening Performance: Shapton stones are renowned for their ability to deliver fast and efficient sharpening results. They are known to remove material efficiently and effectively, allowing users to achieve razor-sharp edges with less effort and time.

Longevity and Durability: Shapton stones are known for their exceptional durability, meaning they tend to last longer compared to lower-quality stones. They are designed to withstand frequent use and maintain their performance over time, making them a reliable and long-term investment for sharpening needs.

Consistency and Precision: Shapton stones are known for their consistent particle distribution, which ensures a uniform sharpening surface. This consistency contributes to precise sharpening results, allowing users to achieve a predictable and refined edge on their blades.

Variety of Grit Options: Shapton offers a wide range of grit options, allowing users to choose the appropriate stone for their specific sharpening needs. Whether you need a coarse stone for reprofiling or a fine stone for polishing, Shapton offers a comprehensive selection to cater to different requirements.

Ease of Use: Shapton stones are known for their user-friendly nature. They require minimal flattening and soaking, making them convenient and hassle-free to use. Their straightforward maintenance and uncomplicated sharpening process make them popular among users of all skill levels.

Ultimately, the value of Shapton stones depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget. If you prioritize exceptional sharpening performance, longevity, and consistent results, Shapton stones are likely to be a worthwhile investment. However, it's essential to consider your specific sharpening requirements and evaluate whether the features and benefits of Shapton stones align with your needs before making a purchase decision.

Shapton stones are highly regarded for their exceptional sharpening capabilities, largely due to their high abrasive content. This characteristic allows users to form a sharp edge quickly and efficiently. Whether you're dealing with a dull blade or in need of touch-ups, Shapton stones excel in transforming the edge with impressive speed.

One of the convenient aspects of using Shapton stones is that they don't require soaking in water before use. Instead, a simple splash of water is sufficient to lubricate the stone's surface, enabling you to start sharpening within seconds. This eliminates the need for prolonged soaking times, making the sharpening process more efficient and convenient.

The high abrasive content of Shapton stones, combined with their water-splash-and-go approach, allows for a seamless sharpening experience. Whether you're a professional chef needing quick results in a bustling kitchen or an avid home cook seeking convenience, Shapton stones provide the advantage of saving time without compromising on sharpening performance.

The combination of their high abrasive content, fast sharpening capabilities, and the elimination of soaking requirements makes Shapton stones a popular choice among sharpening enthusiasts. These stones offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for achieving razor-sharp edges on various blades, making them an excellent option for those seeking both speed and precision in their sharpening routine.

Shapton Glass Stones are renowned for their exceptional quality, durability, and user-friendly nature. These stones are crafted with finely graded ceramic cutting media that offers a range of benefits for sharpening enthusiasts.

One notable advantage of Shapton Glass Stones is their remarkable longevity. They are designed to last 4-5 times longer than many traditional water stones. This longevity is due to the finely graded ceramic cutting media, which requires less frequent flattening compared to other stones. As a result, users can enjoy extended use before the need for maintenance arises.

The construction of Shapton Glass Stones is another aspect that sets them apart. Each stone consists of a 5mm tempered glass backing plate fused to a 5mm thick ceramic stone. This combination provides excellent stability and rigidity during sharpening, ensuring a flat and consistent sharpening surface.

Additionally, the tempered glass backing plate offers several advantages. It adds durability to the stone, making it more resistant to breakage or warping. The glass base also aids in easy identification of the stone's grit level, allowing users to quickly select the appropriate stone for their sharpening needs.

The user-friendly nature of Shapton Glass Stones is worth highlighting as well. They are known for their ease of use, requiring minimal flattening and maintenance. This convenience makes them suitable for users of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned sharpening enthusiasts.

Overall, Shapton Glass Stones are highly regarded for their exceptional quality, long-lasting performance, and user-friendly design. Whether you're a professional chef or a dedicated home cook, these stones offer a reliable and efficient solution for achieving razor-sharp edges on a wide range of blades.

Zanvak is the premier supplier of Shapton sharpening stones in Australia, offering an extensive selection that encompasses the full range of Shapton Glass Stones, including the Shapton Glass Stone Seven series.

As the leading destination for Shapton stones, Zanvak provides customers with the broadest range of options to suit their sharpening needs. Discover the unparalleled quality and versatility of Shapton sharpening stones at Zanvak, your trusted source for all things Shapton in Australia.

When it comes to choosing Shapton stones, the best option depends on your specific sharpening needs and preferences. Shapton offers a range of stones with different characteristics to cater to various requirements. Here are a few key considerations to help you determine which Shapton stones to buy:

  1. Grit Size: Shapton stones come in a variety of grit sizes, ranging from coarse to fine. Coarser stones, such as those in the 120 to 500 grit range, are suitable for repairing damaged or dull edges. Finer stones, like those in the 2000 to 30000 grit range, are ideal for polishing and refining already sharpened edges. Consider the type of knives or tools you'll be sharpening and choose the appropriate grit size accordingly.
  2. Purpose: Think about the specific purpose you have in mind for the stones. Are you looking for general-purpose sharpening stones, or do you need specialized stones for particular blades or tasks? Shapton offers different series, such as the Shapton Glass Stones and Shapton Pro Stones, each designed with specific applications in mind. Determine your sharpening goals to guide your stone selection.
  3. Skill Level: Consider your sharpening experience and skill level. If you're new to sharpening, starting with a versatile medium grit stone (e.g., 1000 to 2000 grit) can be a good choice. These stones strike a balance between material removal and edge refinement, allowing you to sharpen a wide range of blades effectively. As your skills progress, you can expand your collection to include finer or coarser stones based on your needs.
  4. Budget: Determine your budget for the stones. Shapton stones are known for their quality, durability, and performance, but prices may vary depending on the series and grit size. Set a budget range that aligns with your requirements and explore the options available within that range.

Remember, the best Shapton stones for you will ultimately depend on your unique sharpening needs and preferences. It can be beneficial to start with a medium grit stone and gradually expand your collection based on your experience and the types of blades you work with. Experimenting with different grit sizes and series can help you discover the optimal combination of stones that suit your sharpening routine and deliver the desired results.

The RockStar series comprises solid 10 mm sharpening stones, available as either standard models (with no case) or together with a stainless-steel storage case.
The KUROMAKU series comprises solid 15 mm sharpening stones, which come with a plastic storage case.
Both series are available in ten different grit sizes, but the lineup differs.

The RockStar series comprises 10mm solid sharpening stones of a high quality equivalent to those in the GlassStone series.
The GlassStone series products feature 5 mm tempered glass laminated to 5 mm sharpening stones.*
The RockStar series has 10 different models, while the GlassStone series has a total of 17 types.
*Product no. 50106 features 5 mm tempered glass laminated to a 10 mm sharpening stone.

Alongside the stainless steel they contain rubber and magnets.

  • Check that the arrow mark on the rubber part at the side of the case is in the same position (top edge) as shown in the diagram.
  • Slide the top of the case about 1 cm towards the arrow mark.
  • Press down on the top edge of the case to twist it away from the magnets.
  • Slide the sharpening stone out.

Stainless steel case

Do not use any chlorine bleach, paint thinner, benzene, metal scouring pads, polishing powders, cleansers or the like on this product.This is because they may cause corrosion, scratches or rusting.

Do not leave this case in contact with any other metal.Leaving the metal parts of this case in contact with other metals such as steel or aluminium could cause rust.

Do not leave this case in contact with any salty or oily substances.This could cause rust or staining. If salty or oily substances do come into contact with the surface of the case, rinse them off well with water, then wipe dry with a cloth to remove any moisture.

Do not subject the case to any strong impact, such as knocking or dropping it.This could scratch it, or result in deformation.

Do not place any heavy objects on the case, or press it hard.There is a risk this could cause deformation or other damage.

Take care not to injure your hands or fingers etc. with the edges of the case.

It indicates the approximate median particle diameter (size) of the abrasive material in the product, in micrometres.
When expressed in words rather than numerically, 'COARSE' represents the largest median particle size class, and 'NANO' the smallest.

The type of stone, the country of manufacture and the lot number.

It indicates the type of abrasive contained in the sharpening stone.
HA: Mono-crystalline fused alumina
PA: Pink alumina
WA: White alumina
A: Regular (brown) alumina
CA: Calcined alumina
HPA: High purity alumina