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Wicked Edge is proud to offer a diverse range of sharpening stones that seamlessly complement their sharpening systems. These stones are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, including diamond and ceramic, to deliver exceptional sharpening performance. With a variety of grit options available, users can select the perfect stone to meet their specific sharpening needs.

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One popular series is the Diamond Stones, known for their aggressive cutting capabilities. These stones excel in removing material quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for reshaping and repairing blades. Whether you're working with tough steel or more delicate alloys, the Diamond Stones from Wicked Edge deliver consistent and precise results.

For those seeking a smoother finish, the Ceramic Stones offer excellent refinement capabilities. These stones provide a fine-grained surface that polishes the blade and enhances its cutting performance. With their ability to produce a sharp and refined edge, the Ceramic Stones are well-suited for achieving a precise and high-quality finish on your blades.

To complete the sharpening process, Wicked Edge offers Leather Strops. These strops are specifically designed for the final honing stage, where they refine and polish the edge to perfection. By utilising the Leather Strops, users can achieve a mirror-like, polished edge that enhances cutting efficiency and showcases the craftsmanship of their blades.

With Wicked Edge's precision sharpening stones, users can achieve a razor-sharp edge on their knives and tools. Whether you're a professional sharpener or a knife enthusiast, these stones offer the consistency and quality needed for superior sharpening results. Experience the difference with Wicked Edge sharpening stones and elevate your sharpening game to new levels of precision and excellence.

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We understand that having the right equipment is essential for sharpening your knives and tools with precision and confidence. That's why we offer a diverse range of guided sharpening systems from top brands in the industry.

Sharpening Stones
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Wicked Edge sharpeners are proudly made in the United States. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The company takes great pride in producing high-quality sharpening systems right in their home country.

Wicked Edge sharpeners typically feature a two-stroke system. This means that during the sharpening process, each side of the blade is stroked twice to ensure even and precise sharpening. The dual-stroke mechanism allows for consistent and efficient sharpening results.

The choice of grit stone for sharpening a knife depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Different grits are available, each serving a different purpose in the sharpening process.

Coarse grit stones, typically ranging from 120 to 800, are used for repairing heavily damaged or dull blades. They remove a significant amount of material and are ideal for reshaping the edge.

Medium grit stones, around 1000 to 3000, are commonly used for regular maintenance and sharpening. They effectively refine the edge and remove minor nicks and imperfections.

Fine grit stones, ranging from 4000 to 8000 and above, provide a polished finish and are used for refining and honing the blade to achieve a razor-sharp edge. They are great for enhancing cutting performance and precision.

Yes, a 1000 grit stone is generally sufficient for knife sharpening. A 1000 grit stone falls within the medium range and is commonly used for regular maintenance and sharpening of knives.

With a 1000 grit stone, you can effectively refine the edge, remove minor nicks and imperfections, and restore the blade's sharpness. It provides a good balance between material removal and creating a sharp cutting edge.

However, it's important to note that the ideal grit for knife sharpening can vary based on personal preference, the condition of the blade, and the desired level of sharpness. Some individuals may prefer a coarser grit for heavier material removal, while others may prefer a finer grit for a polished, razor-sharp edge.

Ultimately, the 1000 grit stone can be a versatile and effective choice for maintaining and sharpening most knives, but you can always consider using additional grits for a more comprehensive sharpening process if desired.