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As industry experts with extensive experience in blade sharpening, Zanvak’s first and foremost priority is finding a solution that will provide you with superior precision, quality and safety control.

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Finding Your Perfect Sharpening Strop

If you’re looking for a professional finish or want to extend the life of your blades, consider investing in a strop. What can seem like an extra step in your regular maintenance routine can often mean the difference between a sharp and very sharp blade – resulting in better precision and reduced risk.

To find the best solution that pairs best with your blades, consider:

  • Leather is the most common material used – double-sided is even better. If you invest in a double-sided leather strop, common practice is to remove excess metal with the suede side and use the smooth side to polish.
  • Some retailers provide non-leather synthetic ones made from nano cloth, which can be a great alternative to leather, with unique coloured kits and systems for different blade finishes and needs.

If you have further questions about which will be the best finishing solution for your blades, please contact the Zanvak team. With expert insight and experience into knife systems, we’re happy to discuss the ins and outs of your tools to find the most investment-worthy product for you.


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