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At Jende Industries, we are dedicated to providing top-quality sharpening solutions for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our collection of strops and emulsions exemplifies our commitment to excellence.

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We offer a wide variety of strops, carefully crafted from premium materials such as leather, kangaroo, and balsa wood. Each type of strop offers unique characteristics and benefits, catering to different preferences and sharpening requirements. Whether you prefer the traditional feel of leather, the resilience of kangaroo, or the smoothness of balsa wood, our strops are designed to provide an exceptional sharpening experience.

To complement our strops, we offer a range of diamond emulsions. These emulsions are specifically formulated to enhance the sharpening process and achieve the perfect edge. Our diamond emulsions are available in various grit sizes, allowing you to tailor the sharpening experience to your specific needs. From initial sharpening to final polishing, our emulsions work in harmony with our strops to deliver outstanding results.

Our strops and emulsions are suitable for use on all types of knives and blades. Whether you're working with kitchen knives, hunting knives, or specialty blades, our collection provides versatile and effective sharpening solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining the edge of your tools, and our strops and emulsions are designed to help you achieve optimal performance and longevity.

Whether you're seeking a versatile and comprehensive sharpening solution or a specialized product for a particular application, the Jende Industries Strops & Emulsions collection has you covered. Browse our range today and experience the difference that high-quality strops and emulsions can make in your sharpening routine. Elevate your sharpening game with Jende Industries, where quality and performance meet.


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