1x6 Chosera Japanese Water Stones

Achieving a better quality edge like the professionals

Grit: 400
Sale price$86.00
  • Premium level Naniwa Chosera stones
  • Known for wonderful feedback and fast action
  • Variety of hardness between grits for optimal use on different steels
  • High grit density and benefits from a quick soak before use

The Naniwa Chosera stones are premium-level sharpening stones highly regarded for their exceptional feedback and fast action. They offer a wide range of hardness options across different grits, making them suitable for both harder and softer steels. With their high grit density, these stones excel in delivering excellent results when given a quick soak before use.

These stones come in a 1"x 6" size, mounted on a sturdy 5mm thick aluminium blank. The blank is designed to fit seamlessly in the TSProf, Hapstone, Edgepro, and JENDE JIGS sharpening systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

  • The #400 Chosera stone is a solid, hard, and aggressive stone that offers excellent durability.
  • The #600 Chosera stone is softer and provides a sensational, "buttery" feedback, particularly effective on harder steels.
  • The #800 Chosera stone, while still coarse, can deliver a good, basic working edge, especially when used with mud.
  • The #1,000 Chosera stone is aggressive enough for most maintenance tasks while leaving a slightly more refined edge compared to other 1K stones.
  • The #2,000 Chosera stone is softer and produces an excellent edge on softer steel knives (HRC~55 and below), especially when combined with the #800 Chosera stone.
  • The #3,000 Chosera stone is harder and perfect for achieving a working edge on high-quality knives, setting the stage for polishing stages.
  • The #5,000 Chosera stone is softer, offering wonderful feedback and producing a mirror finish that elevates the edge to a new level.
  • The #10,000 Chosera stone takes the mirror finish even further and refines the edge to "shaving sharp" levels. It is recommended to use the #5,000 stone before the #10,000 for optimal results.

These Chosera Japanese water stones are designed to meet high standards of quality and performance in sharpening tools and knives.


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Customer Reviews

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Japanese water stone

Very good quality and work fantastic 👍

Ned P

Vital for Artisans

Cameron A

Crisp finish

james M

I love how these stones polish the edge

Paul I

Good performance for the price

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