1x6 Jende Nano Cloth Strop All Grit Kit

Add superior shine and sharpness to any blade

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  • Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strop Kit: Includes the entire Nano cloth line-up with a bundle cost saving
  • Matching Emulsion Kits: Find the corresponding Emulsion Kits
  • Synthetic Stropping Material: Jende Nanocloth Ultra provides consistent feedback in all directions due to its weave-free design
  • Honeycomb Structure: Allows emulsions to fill up the honeycombs, keeping more abrasive on the strop and off the knife
  • Uniform Surface: The shape of the honeycomb fills up and beads on the surface, providing even scratches during stropping
  • Minimal Compression: The depth of the honeycomb has little compression compared to leather strops
  • Adjustable Aggression: Differential pressure can be applied to the strop for more or less aggression, allowing for versatile stropping
  • Color-Coded Acrylic Base: Instantly recognize the grit strop with the color-coded acrylic base, saving time and avoiding confusion
  • Laser Etched Identification Marks: Long-lasting and clear identification marks ensure easy recognition
  • Compatible with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions: Works well with Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions for enhanced stropping performance

The Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strop Kit offers the complete Nano cloth line-up in one convenient package, providing a cost-saving bundle. These strops are designed to deliver excellent results in your stropping routine.

Unlike other weaved strops, the Jende Nanocloth Ultra has no weave, resulting in consistent feedback in all directions during stropping. This eliminates variations in resistance and allows you to maintain a steady stropping stroke without second-guessing.

The honeycomb structure of the Nanocloth Ultra strops ensures a uniform surface. Emulsions can fill up the honeycombs, keeping more abrasive on the strop and reducing its contact with the knife. This shape also creates a snowshoe effect, resulting in even scratches on the surface during stropping.

With minimal compression compared to leather strops, the honeycomb depth offers a unique advantage. You can apply differential pressure to the strop, increasing or decreasing its aggression based on your needs. This allows for versatile stropping, from more aggressive strokes to fine finishing touches.

The color-coded acrylic base of the strops makes it easy to identify the desired grit, saving time and avoiding confusion. The identification marks are laser etched, ensuring they remain clear and durable over time.

The Jende Nanocloth Ultra Strop Kit works equally well with the Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions, providing excellent synergy for optimal stropping performance.


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Saul Y

Handy and affordable kit

Andrew R

Nice kit

Adrian B

Dependable and efficient performance

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