Edge On Up E-LAB A HD Industrial Sharpness Tester

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  • EDGE LAB instruments operate in two distinct modes; MAX (Sharpness) and SLC (Slicing).
  • The product uses the BESS (Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale) standard for determining knife sharpness.
  • EDGE LAB instruments are supported by a complete line of accessories.
  • E ∙ LAB A is a fully portable instrument built to handle the testing and use requirements of the industry.
  • The E ∙ LAB A carries a 5-year limited warranty.

EDGE LAB instruments are designed for precise and consistent sharpness testing. They offer two modes of operation: MAX (Sharpness) and SLC (Slicing). The sharpness of blades is determined based on the BESS standard, developed by Mike Brubacher, owner of Edge-On-Up. The EDGE LAB line is also supported by various accessories for a comprehensive sharpness testing experience. E ∙ LAB A is portable, robust, and capable of logging forces up to 5,000 grams.

The product includes a specially designed slice test fixture and different types of test media for sharpness and slicing tests. The E ∙ LAB A model is portable, built to meet the testing requirements of the industry, and includes a heavy-duty load cell sensor that can accommodate and log forces up to 5,000 grams (11 pounds) with 1-gram resolution. The sensor polling speed is faster, resulting in more data packed into each transmitted calculation.

  • Operating Modes: MAX (Sharpness) and SLC (Slicing)
  • Sharpness Standard: BESS (Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale)
  • Load Cell Sensor: Heavy-duty, up to 5,000 grams (11 pounds) capacity, 1-gram resolution
  • Sensor Polling Speed: Fast
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • PRO User Software Interface w/ auto graphing
  • RS232/USB Cable Interface
  • SLF20 & ATF10G (Test Media For 125 tests) Media Fixtures
  • DCB10 Disposable Clip Base w/ 25 Test Clips
  • 50 SLTM30 & 50 SLTM40 Slice Test Media (200 slice tests)
  • KFL10R Knife Fulcrum
  • Rechargeable Battery w/ AC/DC Wall Charger/power supply


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