Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Resin Bonded Sharpening 6 Stone Set

Professional quality equipment for superior edges

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  • Premium quality Diamond Matrix sharpening stones
  • Continuously cuts at the same rate as it wears
  • Long-lasting and durable performance
  • Ideal for modern "super steels" and ceramic knives
  • No soaking required, splash and go convenience
  • Fast sharpening on blades, especially tough tool steels
  • Recommended for high-quality finishes
  • Suitable for various sharpening systems utilizing 1x6" stones

The Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Resin Bonded Sharpening 6 Stone Set is designed for sharpening enthusiasts who demand the best. These sharpening stones are meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality, delivering outstanding performance.

As the sharpening stone wears, new diamond particles are exposed, ensuring consistent cutting performance without any loss. The Matrix diamond blade sharpening stones have their unique feel and offer exceptional longevity, making them a reliable choice for serious sharpening needs.

These stones excel in sharpening modern "super steels" and are also effective for sharpening ceramic knives. The resin bond of these stones allows for fast sharpening on blades, particularly on tough tool steels like A2 or D2, as well as hard stainless alloys found in Japanese and Western cutlery.

With a variety of grits included in the set, ranging from extra coarse (80 grit) to extra fine (4000 grit), you can achieve high-quality finishes on your blades. The consistent grading of these resin bonded stones ensures reliable performance. Whether you're a professional sharpener or an avid knife enthusiast, the Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Resin Bonded Sharpening Stones are highly recommended.

  • Superior scratch pattern
  • High-quality monocrystalline diamond particles
  • Resin bond for increased abrasive levels and faster sharpening
  • Splash and go convenience, no soaking required
  • Precision CNC machined aluminium blanks reduce bow and twist
  • Compatible with 1x6" stone format sharpening systems
  • Stone Grits: Extra Coarse (80), Coarse (250), Medium (650), Medium (1100), Fine (2300), Extra Fine (4000)
  • Stone Size: 1x6"
  • Stone Type: Diamond Matrix Resin Bonded
  • Compatibility: Edge Pro, TSPROF, JENDE JIGS, Hapstone, and more
  • Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds:
  • Stone Grits: Extra Coarse (80), Coarse (250), Medium (650), Medium (1100), Fine (2300), Extra Fine (4000)


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Customer Reviews

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Simon Grubb

I've made a few purchases from Zanvak. Nothing but AWESOME service. When enquiring for advice the reply is swift and helpful. Can't recommend them enough.


Excellent durability

Carlos e

EdgePro make some nice gear

Rodney B

Affordable and reliable option

Arsenic M

A very high quality sharpening kit

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