Gunny Juice Poly Diamond Emulsion 30ml

Achieve a level of polish like never before

Micron: 12 Micron
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  • Poly crystalline diamond emulsion for exceptional polishing
  • Proprietary deionization process prevents diamond agglomeration
  • Specialized water-based carrier with controlled pH level
  • High diamond concentration for superior performance
  • Delivers mirror polish while maintaining cutting performance
  • Ideal for maintaining edges and achieving next-level sharpness

Gunny Juice is a poly crystalline diamond emulsion that stands out in the industry. It is created using a proprietary deionization process that effectively deionizes the diamonds, preventing agglomeration and clumping. This is important during polishing as it ensures the diamonds do not form larger-than-desired abrasive particles, preventing stray scratches.

Furthermore, Gunny Juice features a specialized water-based carrier with a controlled pH level. This prevents the ionization of the diamonds, maintaining their deionized state and enhancing the product's performance. The high diamond concentration, perfectly balanced formulation, and scientific approach to stropping take the art of sharpening to the next level.

With Gunny Juice, you can effortlessly achieve a mirror polish while preserving the aggressive slicing bite of your cutting tools. Designed to deliver exceptional sharpness and an eye-catching polish, Gunny Juice is ideal for maintaining edges and ensuring your cutting tools are always at their sharpest.

Gunny Juice brings back shaving sharpness, guaranteeing you have the best cutting tools at your disposal. The development of this product was driven by a focus on sharpening innovation, challenging traditional methods to deliver outstanding results. Gunny Juice represents a new era of sharpening excellence.

  • 12 Micron 30ml
  • 9 Micron 30ml
  • 6 Micron 30ml
  • 3 Micron 30ml
  • 1 Micron 30ml
  • 0.5 Micron 30ml
  • 0.25 Micron 30ml
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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dan Kelman
Excellent product

I bought the 3 micron Gunny Juice and it is perfect for my needs. It works really well on modern high carbide steels like S90V and will actually sharpen rather than just refine an edge. A piece of leather belt loaded with this makes a great field sharpener.

paul S

Good size


great consistency

Jason P

Simplifies my routine


Impressive versatility

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