Poltava Premium Metallic CBN Stones 1x6

Regarded as some of the highest quality on the market

Grit: 60
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Metallic CBN Sharpening Stones from Poltava Diamond Tools are designed for guided knife sharpeners (Hapstone, TSPROF, and other Edge Pro-compatible systems). CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) is the second-hardest material after diamond, providing high endurance and low wearing rate with copper-tin alloy bonding.

The Premium series of Metallic CBN Stones features a 3 mm thick CBN-bearing metal plate mounted on a high-quality aluminum blank. The CBN grain is made in the USA.

CBN offers exceptional hardness, strength, abrasion resistance, thermal, and chemical resistance, surpassing synthetic diamonds and conventional abrasives like silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.

Due to its high thermal stability and chemical resistance, CBN is suitable for sharpening in conditions where synthetic diamonds are not typically used. CBN stones can be used without lubricants, making them the cleanest option among available sharpening stones.

  • Concentration: 100%
  • Material: СBN (Cubic Boron Nitride)
  • Metallic bonded
  • Blank: 155x25x3mm
  • Stone size: 150x25x3mm

Metallic CBN stones may have tone imperfections. They may become darker over time due to natural metal oxidizing, but it does not affect the sharpening process. These stones do not require any special preparations.

  • #60 - 250 to 200 microns
  • #80 - 200 to 160 microns
  • #120 - 125 to 100 microns
  • #240 - 60 to 40 microns
  • #400 - 40 to 28 microns
  • #600 - 28 to 20 microns
  • #1000 - 14 to 10 microns
  • #2000 - 7 to 5 microns
  • #4000 - 5 to 3 microns
  • #5000 - 3 to 2 microns
  • #8000 - 2 to 1 microns
  • #15,000 - 1 to 0.5 micron


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Customer Reviews

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Robert Clarke
The most versatile

I have been using these for a while now I always find myself reaching for them i like the way they cut and feel I always get excellent results especially now that they are worn in they can leave a few parasitic scratches when new but definitely leave a better finish after breaking in they can be used dry or sometimes I use trend diamond fluid for a slightly better finish

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