Shapton Glass Stone HR 0.92 Micron #16000 Grit

Takes your edges to a new level of sharp

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  • Provides great usability with a thin package formed from glass layers
  • Sharpens blades faster due to high abrasive content
  • Ready to use without soaking in water
  • Long-lasting and resistant to wear
  • Offers a wide variety of sharpening stones for different blade compositions and shapes

The Shapton Glass Stone HR 0.92 Micron #16000 Grit is part of the Glass Stone series, which features a revolutionary design that combines glass layers to create thin and lightweight sharpening stones. These stones provide excellent usability and allow users to achieve the ideal finish for any type of blade. The series also includes a range of accessories that are popular worldwide.

Shapton stones are known for their high abrasive content, which enables them to sharpen blades quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional sharpening stones, Shapton stones do not require soaking in water before use. Simply splash some water on the stone and start sharpening right away. After use, allow the stone to air dry in indirect sunlight before storing it.

Shapton's unique bonding technology ensures that the abrasives on the stones perform optimally, resulting in long-lasting sharpening stones that require less frequent flattening. The Glass Stone series offers a wide variety of stones to suit different blade compositions and shapes, providing excellent sharpening and a perfect finish.

The 16000 grit Glass Stone is classified as a Fine grit stone, ideal for leaving a refined polish and a superior edge on your blade. It is recommended to add this stone to your sharpening progression for optimal sharpness.

Each Glass Stone in the series is composed of a 5mm tempered glass backing plate bonded to a 5mm thick stone. This construction not only makes the stones thin and lightweight but also ensures they are strong and resistant to cracking or sudden breakage caused by external shocks.

The abrasives in the Glass Stones are extremely uniform, ensuring consistent performance from the first pass to the end of the stone's life. This uniformity allows for precise and reliable sharpening results.

  • Micron: 0.92
  • Mesh: 16000
  • Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 10mm (Abrasive Layer 5mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 360g
  • SKU: 50303
  • Type: Fine
  • Made in Japan
  • 1 x 0.92 Micron #16000 grit sharpening stone


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