TSPROF 5 Piece Diamond Plate Set

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  • Set of diamond plates for repairing and refining a knife's bevel.
  • Includes 5 diamond plates on blanks with different grit sizes.
  • Provides various levels of aggressiveness for different sharpening stages.
  • Exposed diamond grains offer increased cutting performance compared to organic or metallic bond stones.
  • Grain concentration in the diamond layer is 100% for efficient sharpening.
  • Galvanic bond diamond stones are ready for use without the need for preparation or lapping.

The TSPROF 5 Piece Diamond Plate Set is an excellent tool for repairing and refining a knife's bevel. This set includes diamond plates on blanks with different grit sizes, offering versatility for various sharpening tasks.

Each diamond plate in the set serves a specific purpose in the sharpening process:

  • F150 Extra Coarse diamond plate: Used for roughing the edge and shaping the blade.
  • F220 Coarse diamond plate: Used for forming the cutting edge.
  • F400 Medium diamond plate: Used for main sharpening operations and creating an aggressive/biting cut.
  • F600 Fine diamond plate: Used for pre-finishing the cutting edge and removing noticeable marks.
  • F1000 Very Fine diamond plate: Used for the finishing touches on the cutting edge.

These diamond plates are designed to work more aggressively than stones with the same grit size on organic or metallic bond. The exposed diamond grains provide enhanced cutting performance, while grains in other bond types may get stuck in the binder and mix with it.

It's important to note that the diamond stone's duration of work may be shorter compared to other bond types due to the thin layer of spraying that wears off during the sharpening process. Additionally, when working with softer steels (up to 58 HRC), these diamond stones may wear out faster than when working with harder steels.

The diamond plates on galvanic bond do not require any preparation before use and do not need to be lapped.

  • Plate dimensions: 4mm x 25mm x 150mm
  • Grit scale:
    • 150 grit (FEPA-F)
    • 220 grit (FEPA-F)
    • 400 grit (FEPA-F)
    • 600 grit (FEPA-F)
    • 1000 grit (FEPA-F)


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