Hapstone Modular sharpening system with guide rod and clamps

What is the Hapstone Modular System and why is it so revolutionary?

Hapstone was established in 2012, The Ukraine based company set out to develop a range of sharpening systems to be affordable and practical. 


What is the modular system?


Hapstone developed a sharpening system with multiple modules that attach to a universal base unit.

Hapstone Modular sharpening system

The steel base is solid so it does not tip when sharpening, underneath are rubber feet to stabilize and protect most surfaces from scratching.

The upright shaft has two receiving bolts that accept all the Hapstone modules and get tightened down once the module is in place.


What are the modules and which do I need?

Hapstone offers 4 modules:
Hapstone M3
Hapstone R2
Hapstone V8
Hapstone Scissor

Each module offers different sharpening options,
The Hapstone M3 Module is the cheapest knife module, it contains magnets in its base for the knife to stick to, the M3 module has no physical clamps as it relies on the magnet strength to hold it in place.

The down side to the M3 module is that it doesn't allow the knife to be rotated and held in the exact place accurately every time, it does use a guide to help you reposition the knife into the same position but can be inconsistent at times.

The Hapstone R2 is the most versatile of the modular systems as it offers a 360 degree rotating cross bar that allows the user to affix any clamp configuration they desire from the Hapstone line-up. 

At the rear of the module is a large knurled knob that controls the spring pressure of the cross bar, tightening the spring will mean that more force is required to turn the blade over, and the looser the spring the easier it is to rotate.

The user has the freedom to adjust this to a tension that they are happy with.

Once the tension has been set, you can mount up your clamps in any configuration for large and small blades, the more clamps added means there will be less flex in the blade resulting in a more consistent sharpening angle across the entire bevel.

Below: 4 angled clamp setup

Hapstone modular sharpening system

Below: angled clamps for small knife

Hapstone modular sharpening system

Below: Angled clamps for medium knife

 Hapstone modular sharpening system

The Hapstone V8 module is a beefed up version of the M3 model, it uses the same strong magnets but also offers a wide cross bar with sliding magnet bases.

The wider platform allows longer knives to maintain their sharpening angle without deflection in the blade as pressure is added.

It maintains the same alignment guide as the M3 version.

Below: Hapstone V8 module

Hapstone V8 Module


The Hapstone Scissor module will allow you to sharpen higher degree angles from 35° to 85° on most common scissor types.

The module uses clamps to hold the scissors in place while sharpening.

Hapstone modular sharpening system

Below: Scissors mounted in the clamps

Hapstone modular sharpening system

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