Jende Industries Guided Sharpening System

The Jende Industries Guided Sharpener or J.I.G.S For Short


Back in 2019 the owner of Jende Industries, developed a sharpening system that would change up the sharpening system world, by taking the best features from existing sharpeners and new concepts like the Exacudrive gear system and make a sharpening system that was pretty much bullet proof.

Jende Industries launched the idea on the popular website Kickstarter to help fund the concept.

The system was developed over two years with assistance from one of the Zanvak owners, the systems main features include the Exacudrive gearing system that allows micro controlled adjustments of the sharpening angle within 0.0125° increments.

The Kickstarter campaign was a huge success with the campaign being funded within only 3 days, the original campaign can be viewed here, once the system went into full manufacturing gear there were some minor tweaks made to improve the already bullet proof design.

The Video above was from the original Kickstarter campaign.

What are the specs?

  • Stainless Steel Construction - solid and sturdy in any weather or usage environment, and will hold up against more gorilla-handed types. 
  • Dishwasher Safe - especially in commercial kitchens, the JIGS can withstand the cleaning and sanitising agents as well as high temperatures.
  • Mountable base - The JIGS system can stand alone or be bolted or mounted to a table or base for greater balance, control and security.
  • Macro Angle Adjust - gets you in the ballpark quickly.
  • Exacudrive Micro Adjust - dials your angle in with ease and the greatest accuracy on the market. The Exacudrive gear is adjustable to within 0.025 degrees.
  • Movable Clamps - allow you to custom place the clamps to hold any knife.
  • 1 Tool Clamping Operation - There's only 1 tool needed to operate the clamps.
  • Spring Action Stone Changes - makes stone changes fast and easy.
  • Magnetic Stone Holder - securely holds the angle cube for hands-free accurate and consistent measurements.
  • 26" (65cm) Sharpening Capability - pocket knives, chef knives, watermelon knives, cake knives, and machetes are no match for the reach of the JIGS.
  • 12-26 Degree Angle Range - Actually, a little more in both directions.


Who Is It For?

  • Chefs - Every chef knows a sharp knife is much safer and more productive than a dull one. Maintaining your own knives is a must as a chef, and the JIGS System will get your knives sharp quickly, make easy touch ups during your shift, and the edges will last longer and cut better. The JIGS can easily handle your 2.5" paring knife, your 12" chef knife , your Chinese cleaver, and your 14" cake knife like a champ. The 1x6 stones used with the JIGS can conveniently be stored in knife rolls for easy transport and use when needed.
  • Commercial Kitchens - The JIGS System is made from stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and can be bolted to a fixed sharpening station. Dishwasher safe means the JIGS can be sanitized, therefore reducing the kitchen's liability associated with contamination and foodborne illness. Its ability to be secured to a table or fixed station means the system won't walk away or be misplaced. Employees can purchase their own sharpening gear to sharpen to their own specs, or use a house set of stones.
  • Outdoorsmen, Hunters, and Fishermen - Fixed blades and folders for hunting, camping, and fishing should be sharp before you leave the house. Being able to set up camp, do bush craft, field dress, or fillet a fish should be easy tasks with a sharp knife. The 1x4 or 1x6 stones used with the system make excellent field stones for touching up.
  • Sharpeners of all levels - Whether you are coveting a collection of shelf queens, sharpening your EDC, maintaining your kitchen knives, trailblazing with your machete, or sharpening for fun or a business, if you've got the desire or need to sharpen, the JIGS System is the final word in flexibility and precision.


If you are looking for a sharpening system that ticks most of the boxes then make sure to add the J.I.G.S to your list for consideration, The sturdy construction and unique feature make this one system to keep an eye on.

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